How it Started


Over 8 years of teaching kindergarten I learned tips and tricks on how to connect with a child, how to win their cooperation, and how to minimize outbursts and tantrums so that I could get through the day with my sanity intact.

In 2018 I had my first daughter and got my a taste of the stay at home mom life. Was it what I expected? Yes and no. Some parts were harder and some parts were easier. What I quickly realized was that teaching and parenting have A LOT in common! As I became a resource for helping friends and family puzzle through their child’s behaviors, it struck me-I loved helping other parents

Fast forward to today. As I sit on my couch, creating Toddler Tips and Tricks one nap time at a time. I’m a former teacher, a certified positive discipline parent educator, and a stay at home mom of 2 amazing girls! I love helping other parents and sharing all of my toddler tips and tricks with you!